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Best of Baton Rouge - Blogs From The Editor

I like to post suggestions for Baton Rouge restaurants, local businesses, night life, entertainment and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes I've gone out and had a great time so I just want to put it out there. Everything I post in this section is just an opinion or quick post on things that come to mind. I hope they're useful.
blog postsFun For Kids In Baton Rouge May 2010 - Posted: 05/06/2010 - One great part about the Spring is a lot of great things like festivals and events show up that the whole family will enjoy. Here are a few I noticed today.

blog postsMarch Is One Of My Favorite Months In Baton Rouge - Posted: 02/25/2010 - Every year I get excited about March events In Baton Rouge. For beer lovers like myself it gets no better than St. Patrick's day and Zapp's Beerfest. Plus in 2010 there's the Bayou Country SuperFest

blog postsMardi Gras Time In Baton Rouge - Posted: 02/03/2010 - We have a Mardi Gras section with the biggest parades in the Baton Rouge area listed along with dates.

blog postsBaton Rouge New Years Eve - Posted: 12/22/2009 - Looking forward to leaving 2009 behind by celebrating New Years Eve and welcoming 2010 in Baton Rouge.

blog postsFall My Favorite Time Of Year - Posted: 10/25/2009 - Halloween, haunted houses, The Renaissance Festival, The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair. All kinds of fun stuff.

blog postsHanging Out At Willie's On The River - Posted: 08/10/2009 - A lounge underneath The Little Village you might want to check out when you're downtown.

blog postsDrinks And Dancing Downtown - Posted: 10/08/2008 - We recently had a great time starting our evening with drinks at The Wine Loft before dancing all night at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux.

blog postsFox and Hound And Sullivan's Ringside Baton Rouge - Posted: 10/01/2008 - These two bars are in the same building. They're a salt and pepper like pairing with two complimentary options for an evening or night out.

blog postsSaturday Night Out Around Town - Posted: 08/17/2008 - My friends and I hit several places in town. The Chimes, 600 Main and The Station.

blog postsSaturday Night At Caterie - Posted: 07/14/2008 - We went out to celebrate a friends birthday with live music at one of Baton Rouge's oldest traditions.

blog postsRevisiting Downtown Baton Rouge - Posted: 03/15/2010 - I finally got to make a lengthy trip to downtown Baton Rouge this past Thursday afternoon. I had a great time.

blog postsBest Restaurants For Eating and Drinking Outside In Baton Rouge - Posted: 01/13/2009 - A fairly easy subject for one who loves happy hour and eating out so much. If you love to be outside while you're enjoying your restaurant and bar time these are my favorites.

blog postsMid-City Perkins Road Entertainment Area - Posted: 08/03/2008 - Great Restaurants, Great Bars, Great Nightlife. Enjoy a wealth of entertainment options in this area.

blog postsPerkins and Bluebonnet Area - Posted: 06/14/2008 - This area has been booming recently especially with the edition of Perkin's Rowe. Movie theatre, restaurants, shopping and more.

blog postsA Little Trip around the World in Metro Baton Rouge - Posted: 04/20/2010 - The past few days I've really enjoyed a stretch of good food around Baton Rouge. Romans, Ahuuas, Hunans, Latte E Miele, Masons Grill and South of Philly in 2 days.

blog postsI Had Ruffino's Prime Rib Steak - Posted: 07/19/2009 - A well known and loved Italian restaurant in Baton Rouge many people might not know has some of the best prime rib around. Excellent steaks are here for those who love the best in steak.

blog postsRecent Visit To La Reyna Latin Restaurant - Posted: 07/19/2009 - I was watching Anthony Bourdain eating at an exotic South American location and the food reminded me I haven't been to La Reyna in a while.

blog postsFriday Restaurant Crawl - Posted: 07/11/2009 - If two restaurants count as a crawl I suppose. Stopped by the new Enoteca Marcello's and headed over to the Chimes by LSU.

blog postsAhuuas Mexican Restaurant Keeps Getting Better - Posted: 06/07/2009 - We visited this great Woodlawn area Mexican restaurant Saturday night. They had live music and a festive atmosphere.

blog postsMore Pics Coming Soon To Best Of Baton Rouge - Posted: 03/22/2010 - It's been requested and it's been in development so look for new image galleries to start appearing for entries on Best Of Baton Rouge.

blog postsStyles For Sam - Posted: 01/25/2010 - January 31, 2010 from 11am-3pm donate $20 to a little boy's recovery and get a haircut from the best hairdressers in Baton Rouge at Lyon's Den Hair Studio.

blog postsThe Caterie Burns Down - Posted: 01/04/2010 - 2010 starts with disaster as long time live music venue burns down. A real tragedy.

blog postsBaton Rouge Christmas Season - Posted: 12/06/2009 - Tis the season to go crazy shopping in Baton Rouge getting ready for Christmas. However we do have some great events going on downtown.

blog postsBreakfast In Baton Rouge - Posted: 09/02/2009 - I'm amazed that people wait for 20-30 minutes for a seat in Waffle house on Sundays when they can get better food for a similar price faster.

In writing my Baton Rouge information I'm simply giving my opinions based on my experiences. I'm sure many people might know of better suggestions and I'd love to hear about it. Send me a message about it and I'll be happy to post it. Read more about contributing on the about page.