Music Festivals

Jan 16, 2018
Music Festivals

Festivals in Baton Rouge revolving around live music are commmon. People from the South love to party and you can't have a great party without music! What's also great is you can easily head on over to New Orleans to attend some of the bigger music festivals. Here are some of the biggest and our favorites..

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  • Baton Rouge Blues Week - For a week in April music lovers in Baton Rouge celebrate Blues through live performances.

  • Bayou Country Superfest - Held in 2010 for the first time and coming again in 2011 it's a country music fan's dream.

  • Groovin on The Grounds - LSU yearly music event that's free to everyone.

  • Live After Five - A weekly live music event put on in downtown Baton Rouge every Friday. Great way to start a weekend.

  • Sunday In The Park - Seasonal Fall & Spring music event on Sundays from noon until 3pm in Downtown Baton Rouge!

  • Swamp Pop Festival - Live Blues, Cajun and Zydeco music. Great food and a celebration of our south Louisiana culture.