Baton Rouge Organizations

Feb 25, 2018

There are a number of great organizations in Baton Rouge. Either for charity, profit, personal growth through groups or government based they're here and do good things. We will list them as we come upon them.

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  • 10/31 Consortium - A non profit organization that's working to put on an annual Halloween parade in Baton Rouge

  • Animal Protection and Welfare Society - An all volunteer group of people who are dedicated to ensuring that all pet animals in and around the Baton Rouge area

  • Baton Rouge Bike Club - Dedicated to the joy of cycling.

  • Baton Rouge Epicurean Society - Non profit organization devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment, especially through good food, drink and art. rn

  • Bayou Bebes Of Baton Rouge - A group of folks come together for the appreciation of dolls.

  • Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center - Located near Perkins and Bluebonnet you can learn all about South Louisiana nature right here in Baton Rouge at their 103 acre facility!

  • Brasseurs a la Maison - Baton Rouge's most active home beer brewing club. Meetings occur every second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at The Cove. If you love beer these are the people for you!

  • Capital Area United Way - The Baton Rouge chapter of the United Way dedicated to improving the community.

  • Club South Runners. - The encouragement of running and physical fitness.

  • East Ascension Sportsman's League - If you're an avid hunter, fisher or outdoorsman and looking for a great group this is for you. If you're new to the outdoors and want to learn more through a group this is for you.

  • Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club - A non-profit organization for cat lovers. In 2012 they'll have their 39th annual Cat show at Lamar Dixon.

  • Happy's Running Club - Run... drink... and be HAPPY! A great way to stay in shape and be social.

  • Junior League of Baton Rouge - Womens group and creators of River Road Recipes.

  • News Radio WJBO 1150 - The radio station that most Baton Rouge residents listen to for their news.

  • Rocket Kidz Foundation - Developing strong kids and fighting childhood obesity right here in Baton Rouge.

  • Women's Council of Greater Baton Rouge - A great resource for women in the Baton Rouge community. Committed to enhancing our community by connecting, promoting, and empowering women.rn

  • YelpBR - Yelp!BR is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that is committed to ending euthanasia of healthy and treatable companion animals. Basically they're big time dog lovers.