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Feb 25, 2018

Baton Rouge and Louisiana in general are famous for the wonderful cuisine. Anytime a visitor comes in from out of town the first thing they want to know is where to find all the Baton Rouge restaurants to enjoy some of that food Louisiana is so famous for. Here in Baton Rouge we have restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world. Whether its Jambalaya and Gumbo or a night of sushi and sake we've got something in Baton Rouge dining you'll love. This is my guide to great restaurants in Baton Rouge. I try to keep the listings limited to locally owned gems, great franchises and only what we feel are exceptional chains. The writing style could be considered a restaurant reviews or blog style even since it's all from my experiences.

Keep in mind when using the guide that not all restaurants are found in the city of Baton Rouge. For instance we list a number of the great seafood restaurants that you'll find down on the Diversion Canal of the Livingston Parish and Ascension Parish border. Many Baton Rouge residents will drive that way to eat. For the most part we will keep restaurant suggestions limited to the metropolitan area going no further than 20 miles outside the city limits.

If you don't find what you want here you might consider reading Cajun Clarence's Restaurant Guide. Clarence is another great Baton Rouge enthusiast who has great knowledge especially when it involves the words Cajun and Creole.

My Baton Rouge restaurant guide is pretty long with around 200 listings of great places in the area. I have put together a quick list of suggestions off the cuff which you can see to the left of this text. The links go to their pages. If I'm missing anything please go to this contact page and send me a quick email letting me know what to add!

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