Le Creole Baton Rouge

Where to Gulf of Mexico Meets Old New Orleans

Jan 17, 2018
Le Creole Baton Rouge

My first impression walking in to Le Creole was this is too nice a restaurant for what I typically do. The table settings, the staff, the decor were all saying this is a very fancy restaurant. I was there for lunch and it was early so I got seated very quickly and greeted by a very personable server. It was a little funny watching her pick up the other three place settings because there's so much hardware on the table.

The lunch menu is nice with a wide variety of nice sounding dishes like New Orleans BBQ shrimp, oysters, fish, chicken and waffles just to name a few. They have the entire menu online at the link below.($1 lunch martinis by the way which is awesome if you can have a drinking lunch) I ordered the $9.99 lunch special which was grilled fish served with a type of potatoes I can't recall the name of but loved. It was an excellent meal served with a small basket of these fantastic biscuits they feature. The sauce was fantastic and it was truly a meal worth more than the price tag.

It was a great lunch experience and I'll definitely be going back. Since they finished the construction on Highland it's just a beautiful area that's a pleasure to visit. Definitely go check them out.

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Contact and/or Location Info:

18135 E. Petroleum Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 752-7135
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Website Available: Le Creole Baton Rouge
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Originally posted 08/14/2011 by Wayne Odom

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