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Aug 29, 2015
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One of our late 2011 additions to the food truck explosion in Baton Rouge is the Cuban Connection. Their offerings were 4 varieties of a pressed sandwich, sides of black bean soup or fried plantains and a couple of desserts. All in all you'll probably spend around $10 for lunch which is a little steep but hey it's an experience and it's mobile so it comes to your area if you're in downtown or wherever you find them.(I found them close to my work at the Woman's Wellness Center)

I had the Andy Garcia which I was told is their most classic style sandwich. Thinly sliced roasted pork and ham topped with swiss cheese pickles, mayo, and mustard all on Cuban bread. Cuban bread as they serve it is something like a soft poboy bread only wider. They press it with some sort of butter mix which is tangy and pretty tasty. All in all the sandwich was very enjoyable with even my very picky wife enjoying the Andy Garcia. The plantain chips were something different, a little plain and a nice snack. I would enjoy having them in a big bag on the desk.

The day I visited them they couldn't take credit cards so luckily my wife had cash. Also on the previous attempt to visit them they canceled their location last minute so you might want to bring cash and check their facebook last minute before your visit. Other than that they were a refreshing change of pace to my lunch. I'll definitely go visit them again.

Contact and/or Location Info:

Food Truck
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 810-3250

Website Available: The Cuban Connection
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Originally posted 10/19/2011 by Wayne Odom

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